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We are Gelin Diamond

"Gelin Diamond" is a jewelry company operating in 15 countries, combining high quality materials with unique designs at affordable prices.
We are one of the brightest jewelry companies that prioritize customer satisfaction and elegance since 2011.
Affordable pricing is one of the core values of our company. In order to achieve this, we work with our expert local producers.
ourOur jewelry designs are always based on combining beauty and elegance with daily life.
Our design team strives to perfect our designs in order to always offer the best to those who prefer us.
In order to achieve the perfect harmony of art, elegance and beauty, we put our consumers' feedback at the center of our business processes.
Our products always meet you through licensed and certified production processes. Our products derive their elegance and durability from being produced with real gemstones, diamonds and solid gold.

 14k Solid Gold


Solid gold is the least reactive metal in nature. For this reason, it has been preferred by many societies throughout history. 14k Solid Gold alloy contains 58.5% pure gold. This alloy does not cause itching and redness on the skin and is very durable for use in daily life.
How to take good care of your jewelry
Take off your jewelry before entering the high chlorine environments such as the pool or spa.
Cover or take off during cleaning
Hair sprays, perfumes and creams can build up on your jewelry over time and reduce its shine. Make sure to wear your jewelry after getting ready.
When you need to clean your jewelry, you can do this with warm water and a soft toothbrush. After cleaning, you can use jewelry polishing cloth for extra shine. Stay away from paper towels and napkins for polishing.



Diamonds are one of the strongest elements on earth. Handling this substance is a similarly very demanding process. We only use H color, SI clear and certified diamonds in our products. As Gelin Diamond, we clearly state the carat value of diamond in all our products.
Although diamond is one of the most durable materials, keep in mind that diamonds are not indestructible and still require a level of care and maintenance in order to shine forever.
Everyday exposure to dirt, dust, lotions, makeup, perspiration and natural body oils as well as chemicals found in cosmetics and household products can build up over time and dull your diamonds.
Simple detergents such as dish soap, warm water and a soft toothbrush will be sufficient to clean your diamonds.