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Meanings of Different Colored Evil Eye Beads

different colors of evil eye necklaces

Throughout history people from various cultures wore evil eye necklaces and evil eye bracelets to be protected from the evil eye effect. Evil eye beads could have various meanings for different colors. Blue was used as a main color for evil eye beads probably since it was easy to find, however, it is easy to find many kinds of colored evil eye symbols today.

Navy blue & blue evil eye meaning

Blue evil eye is believed to provide a spiritual protection; evil eye protection serves as a mystical guard for its carrier against misfortune, jealousy, envy, negative energy such as hate coming from outside world. Navy blue, on the other hand, symbolizes fate and being open to communication. Discover the Gelin 14k Gold & Diamond’s wide collection of 14k gold blue evil eye necklaces, bracelets; 14k gold blue evil eye gold rings, earrings and evil eye jewelry.

What does red colored evil eye mean ?

Red evil eye provides courage and enthusiasm while also serving to provide protection from anxieties for it’s carrier.

blue evil eye necklace & red evil eye necklace

What does black evil eye stands for ?

The black evil eye is believed to protect the wearer from bad luck. It protects you from misfortune and bad luck & accidents.

Elegance of white evil eye

White is the color of innocance and purity; when it comes to evil eye beads, white symbolizes starting from scratch and being in the state of focus.

white evil eye necklace

Orange & pink evil eye bead meanings

Orange and pink evil eye beads mainly offer continuity of friendships and increases the bond in relationships. Pink is the color for gettin relax and calm, manifests a state of content for evil eye amulet; while orange evil eye is believed to boost commitment and playfulness in one's relationships.

Green evil eye meaning

Green evil eye wearers seek success for their everyday dreams and goals with the green evil eye amulet and find a healthy life more enjoyable.

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