Chinese Name Necklace Collection

Chinese Name Necklace Collection

    Chinese Name Necklace Collection

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    We’re going through our custom-made Chinese name necklace collection and so excited to tell you all about it. Yes, it is hand-made by expert craftsmen. Yes, it is 14k solid gold. Yes, we stand proud of our quality. So, send us your name, last name, hao or whatever you want us to write on our perfectly designed pendants. Leave the rest to us. 

    Personalized Chinese Name Necklace

    We’re proud of our name and we only expect that you are proud of yours, too. Balancing the elements, reflecting the 12 animals, warding off of evil spirits... It embodies so many things about our past, present and future. So it is only right to shout it out to the world, don’t you agree? Show that you are brave, honest and this is how you identify yourself. 

    Remember, this is you telling the world who you are. Is it your given name? Send it. Is it your last name? Send it. Is it your horoscope? Send it. Is it your great ancestor’s name and you’re proud of it? Why the wait? Send it. Then, it’s our turn to send in no time. 

    Chinese Name Necklace Bar

    In love with the simple designs. Solid gold chinese name necklace collection is all about quality and simplicity, just like the values of chinese culture. Names protect and show affection. Show your affection by sharing your name or hao with your loved one. 

    Explore our wide collection of custom Chinese last name necklace collections. Ancient or modern, choose your side. We engrave whatever name you choose and manufacture the perfect tailor-made chinese name necklace. 

    14k Gold Chinese Personalized Name Necklace

    Smart people, smart jewelry. What does that mean? It means that we find the balance between the quality and price. All our products are 14k solid gold and produced by expert craftsmen. In all stages of our production process, we keep it real. Real gold, real gemstones, real diamonds, real craftsmanship and real values.