Arabic Name Necklace Collection

Arabic Name Necklace Collection

    Arabic Name Necklace Collection

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    Say my name, say my naamee… Well, we can’t say it but we can write it down. 

    Personalized Arabic Name Necklace

    There is an authentic attraction to something personal, don’t you think? Ancients believed that one should only share their name with trust. Why not add another layer of intimacy by giving our names with trust?

    All you have to do is tell us your name, destination could be a nice plus of course. We will engrave it on our 14 solid gold necklace and that’s all, easy as it sounds. But I can’t write my name in Arabic, you say. We got you covered, a little translation magic and you have yourself a custom Arabic name necklace. 

    Arabic Name Necklace 14k Gold

    Now, we love a good shine. When that shine comes with the perfect quality, what is there to wait? We thought the same and produced our solid gold Arabic name necklace collection. And yes, you guessed it right. We still promise affordable high quality pieces for you even for personalized jewelry. 

    Channel your Middle Eastern beauty because we know that our elegant collection will look gorgeous on your neck. Wrap that 14k real gold arabic name necklace around your neck safely and warmly. 

    Arabic Name Necklace Designs 

    Get it for your birthday, your anniversary or just for another Friday success. You know what we do, wear it any day, every day. You decide on the word and we engrave it on that perfect custom-made Arabic necklace. Browse through our tailor-made name necklace designs and make sure you have just the thing you want. 

    You know what they say, words fly away but writings remain. So, let your name be engraved on that beautiful piece of Arabic name necklace.